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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Railroad Retirement Board: Retirement, Survivor, Disability, Unemployment, and Sickness Benefits

Scott Szymendera
Analyst in Disability Policy

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) administers retirement, survivor, disability, unemployment, and sickness insurance for railroad workers and their families. This report describes Railroad Retirement Act (RRA) and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA) eligibility requirements, benefit types and compensation amounts, and program financing. This report also covers temporary extended railroad unemployment benefits enacted since 2009.

During FY2012, the RRB paid $11.3 billion in retirement and survivor benefits to about 573,000 beneficiaries. Unemployment and sickness benefits totaling $89 million, including over $7 million in temporary extended unemployment benefits, were paid to approximately 26,000 claimants.

Because of sequestration, railroad unemployment and sickness benefits will be reduced by 9.2% effective March 1, 2013. Sequestration does not affect railroad retirement, survivor, or disability benefits.

Date of Report: March 14, 2013
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