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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deadlines for the HHS Secretary and Other Federal Entities in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Through March 23, 2013: Addendum to CRS Congressional Distribution Memorandum Dated April 5, 2011

C. Stephen Redhead

Elayne J. Heisler

Clifford Binder

Kirsten J. Colello

Amalia Corby-Edwards

Sarah A. Lister

Amanda K. Sarata

Domestic Social Policy Division

This memorandum was prepared to enable distribution to more than one congressional office. 

This memorandum is an addendum to a CRS memorandum, dated April 5, 2011, which summarized certain statutorily imposed deadlines in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
1 and the actions taken through April 1, 2011, to meet those deadlines.2 That product focused on ACA provisions requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) or another federal entity to take a specific action by a specific date within the first year of the law’s enactment (i.e., through March 23, 2011).

The April 5, 2011 memo described the methodology used to determine what constituted a statutory deadline and whether the provision qualified for inclusion. To make those determinations, CRS relied on a close reading of the statutory text, acceptable principles of statutory interpretation, and subject matter expertise regarding typical implementing agency practice in the issue areas covered by ACA. Accordingly, several categories of provisions were excluded.
3 This addendum employs the same methodology, the details of which are reproduced in the Appendix. In addition, the April 5, 2011 memo also included some analysis of the legal enforceability of statutory deadlines, which also appears in the Appendix.

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